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There was an attempt to kill you. You died, but you didn't die. You lost your soul, but you didn't!

You're in a new Form

See the world from a different perspective and figure out your new you, and what it can do. While what happened to you was not easy, but it allowed you to do things that was not possible before you get killed. You could seem like a weak cursed palm! But every curse comes with a gift, and yours's came with 5!!

Untangle the Story

Search for your remains, while trying to untangle the story behind your mysterious death. Where you are, Why you are here, Who did that to you, and why you didn't just go on to the afterlife like anyone else.

Survive the Town

Escape anything tries to kill you (again!). And in this town, there is nobody or nothing wants you alive!

After a successful attempt to kill you, you kinda died, but you really didn't. Your soul still trapped in a a town that you can't remember visiting. You'r main and only goal is to find out why you came to this place, and what is this place and where is your body's remains, and why you didn't die completely, and who killed you. And above all how to fix all that if it's not too late. Exploring the town, gathering clues, and connecting the dots, is all what's going to help you getting the full picture.

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